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SMART Study Aid Flyer

SMART® Study Aids

We know your life is busy and The Institutes’ SMART Study Aids are designed to help you learn and retain key information and concepts by supplementing your textbooks and course guides.

SMART Review Notes and Flash Cards

SMART Review Notes and Flash Cards can be ordered along with your textbook and course guide. These resources offer a condensed review of the key points from your text to help you master the course's educational objectives.

SMART Online Practice Exams

Use the SMART Online Practice Exams to test your comprehension of specific assignments or an entire course. Look for the access code printed on the inside back cover of your course guide.

SMART QuizMe Application Updates

iPod The SMART QuizMe App helps you to make the most of your study time by allowing you to take the questions from the SMART Online Practice Exams with you wherever you go.