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Reporting of Continuing Education for CPCUs

Continuing education has always been a core value of the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU®) designation. For that reason, The Institutes are currently exploring options for formalizing continuing education reporting for CPCUs.

CPCUs are our industry’s role models. By formalizing the reporting of continuing education for CPCUs, we hope to not only increase the value of the designation by allowing designation holders to showcase their educational efforts, but also to set an example for the industry.

Although we are still working out many of the details, please see the frequently asked questions below for the information that we can provide at this time.


Why are The Institutes doing this?

In light of our continuously evolving business environment, which is characterized by rapid technological change and increasing customer expectations, the goal of this Institutes initiative is to increase the value of the designation by allowing CPCUs to showcase their educational efforts while setting an example for the industry.

Will I lose my designation if I do not report my continuing education efforts?

The Institutes are encouraging all CPCUs to honor their commitment to continuing education. No one's CPCU designation will be invalidated for failing to report continuing education, but CPCUs in compliance with the reporting requirements will be publicly recognized for their commitment to their industry and careers.

Which continuing education offerings will count?

The Institutes are working to ensure a flexible and an all-encompassing approach that encourages CPCUs to complete practice-oriented activities that are relevant to their career performance in the risk management and insurance industry and are verifiable in some way. These activities include many of the familiar offerings in which CPCUs already participate, including but not limited to The Institutes, CEU and CPCU Society educational opportunities and state-licensing CE requirements.

How many credits will I need to earn?

The Institutes are currently planning to require 24 credit hours over the course of two years.

When will I be able to begin earning and reporting my credit hours?

If you hold the CPCU designation, you may begin earning credit toward your initial reporting period starting July 1, 2016. Although we do not have a specific date yet, CPCUs will be able to begin reporting their credit hours sometime during the second half of 2016, when the reporting platform becomes available.

As a current CPCU, when will my first 24 credit hours be due?

To allow additional time to adjust to this new reporting process, current CPCUs will have four years to report their initial credit hours once the process has been implemented. Afterward, all CPCUs will follow a two-year reporting cycle.

As a current CPCU student, how does my matriculation approval date affect my initial reporting period?

If your matriculation has been approved on or before June 30, 2016, you will have four years for your initial reporting period once you've obtained the designation. However, if your matriculation is approved on or after July 1, 2016, your initial reporting period will be two years from the time you obtain the designation. All CPCUs will have a two-year reporting cycle after the first reporting period.

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As a retired CPCU, what does this mean for me?

While continuing education is valuable to every CPCU, it has particular meaning to those who are actively practicing (for example, an employer or a prospective employer may be interested in learning which CPCUs have current industry knowledge). To the extent that you would like to remain active in the industry, completing continuing education is a good indicator. Regardless of whether you choose to report your continuing education, your CPCU designation is just as valuable as it was on the day you earned it, and we thank you for your years of service to the industry.

What will this reporting process look like?

While The Institutes do not currently have specifics, please be assured that we are working with all stakeholders to ensure that the process will be flexible and easy to use.

How much will reporting cost?

There will be a $189 renewal fee for each reporting period. If you are a CPCU Society member, the cost will be included as part of your membership.

How does this change affect the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program?

This formalized process will be an easier way for you to report your continuing education. It will replace CPD in its current form.

How will this work with state licensing requirements?

Credits you complete toward state producer or claims licensing requirements will also count toward your CPCU continuing education reporting.

Will anyone be exempt from participating?

Continuing education will remain a fundamental obligation for all CPCUs. Formalized reporting is simply a way for CPCUs to acknowledge their commitment to maintaining a high level of expertise in our industry. Although details are still being finalized, the reporting framework will include every CPCU.

Why do The Institutes not know more details at this time?

The Institutes are gathering feedback from customers and the industry, and we are evaluating it to determine the best way to design the program.

How will we know when this change will take effect and the specifics about it?

The Institutes will proactively communicate this information to everyone affected as soon as it is available.