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Introductory Courses Overview

The Institutes Introductory Courses Testimonial

“The real value of Institute courses is in the terrific base they provide for insurance professionals to build on. The Institutes' courses teach you how to apply fundamentals to everyday situations, giving you the foundation you need to be able to learn on the job.”

  • Richard A. Riley, CPCU, ARM, AIM
  • Vice Chairman and CEO, Retired
  • WNC First Insurance Services
  • Member, AICPCU Board of Trustees

Introductory Courses

The Institutes' introductory courses provide the essential knowledge you need to succeed in a complex and changing marketplace. After completing a course, you will have the practical knowledge you need to help you prepare for future challenges. And you´ll also understand the "why" of risk management and insurance, not just the "how."

Bottom-Line Benefits

  • Increase operational efficiency by being able to deliver consistent fundamental knowledge across the organization and functional areas
  • Gain confidence and a sense of accomplishment by learning essential concepts that help enhance productivity
  • Prepare for career-long professional development by building a strong foundation in basic insurance principles

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We Recommend Introductory Courses for: Those new to property-casualty insurance, including administrative and support staff, agents/brokers, assistants, call center staff, claim adjusters, customer service representatives, insurance industry vendors, trainees, and underwriters