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The InsurTech Revolution

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The InsurTech Revolution

Technology and the Future of the Insurance Industry

Through advances in insurance technology (InsurTech), the risk management and insurance industry’s access to information has increased dramatically — as has our ability to analyze and use this information to our advantage.

To fully realize the potential of emerging technologies and big data, insurers will need to innovate and develop new practices. Looking at the emerging InsurTech revolution through a data lens, we should focus on three key areas:

  • Data capture — Including the Internet of Things (IoT) and the dramatic increase in the volume and variety of data now available

  • Data storage — Blockchain and other data storage systems

  • Data analytics — Gaining deep insight into data patterns and trends, aided greatly by advances in computer technology — specifically, machine learning

It is crucial that we work together to harness technology’s potential and ensure the successful future of our industry and its ability to serve society.

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