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FAQs About SMART Practice Exams

Frequently Asked Questions About SMART® Practice Exams

If you need assistance with this product, please call Customer Success at (800) 644-2101 or e-mail CustomerSuccess@TheInstitutes.org.

Q: How are SMART Online Practice Exams delivered?

A: All SMART Online Practice Exams are now delivered through The Institutes’ website.

Q: How can I access my SMART Online Practice Exam(s)?

A: To access your exam(s), visit our website, select your course and enter the unique code from the inside back cover of your course guide. Once you have activated your code, you can access your SMART Online Practice Exam(s) by logging into your Institutes account.

Q: What do I do with the access code?

A: You will use this code to access your SMART Online Practice Exam(s). On The Institutes’ website (www.TheInstitutes.org), click on the SMART Practice Exams link under Study Materials. Log into your Institutes account and click Continue. Enter your access code where prompted, and you will be brought to the Online Learning link, where you may access your SMART Online Practice Exam(s) anytime you are logged in.

Q: Do the SMART Practice Exams provide an exact exam experience?

A: No, the practice exams are designed to help you become comfortable with taking a timed exam and provide you with a chance to review material covered in the course guide and textbook.

Q: What types of questions will I see on the SMART Online Practice Exams?

A: You will see the same types of questions on the SMART Online Practice Exams that you will encounter on the credentialing exam, all of which are multiple choice and based on the course’s educational objectives.

Q: How do I take and save an exam?

A: Your practice exam is saved after each attempt. You can review your completed practice exams by clicking on the Grade link under the Administrative tab on the left side of your Online Learning page. Click on the attempt number to review your graded exam.

Q: How do I locate a saved exam?

A: Click the "Grade" link under the "Administrative" tab on the left side of your online learning page.

Q: Do I have to take a full exam?

A: No, you can answer questions covering a single assignment.

Q: Can I review my exam before I grade it?

A: Yes, before clicking Finish, you may review the exam questions and your answers.

Q: Why can't I share my access code?

A: Access to SMART Online Practice Exam(s) is included in the cost of each course guide. Each student should buy his or her own course guide to gain access to the practice exam(s), which is linked to your personal Institutes account. Sharing of the access code is considered a copyright violation.

Q: How many questions are on the practice exams?

A: Full practice exams contain the same number of questions as the actual credentialing exams. Practice exams for individual assignments can vary in length.

Q: Can I take the practice exams from any personal computer?

A: You can take the practice exams from any desktop or laptop computer with Internet access by logging into your personal account. The SMART Practice Exams can be accessed via some tablets. Access and performance will vary based on the specific tablet and version. For optimal tablet performance, we recommend our QuizMe app.

Q: Why do I do better on the practice exams than on the real exam?

A: There are several reasons for this. First, a limited pool of questions is available for practice exams. It is likely that you have seen some of those questions while taking quizzes at the end of an assignment or when you were testing yourself on assignments. Because you have seen those questions before, you do better when you see them again.

Second, you likely feel added pressure to succeed when you are taking a credentialing exam as opposed to a practice exam.

Third, some might believe that practice questions and answers are the same as those on credentialing exams. We spend a great amount of time ensuring that questions on practice and credentialing exams do not overlap.

Finally, because the practice exams are random exams, some of them may be more or less difficult than a credentialing exam in terms of overall difficulty and the balance of exam questions from Part A versus Part B.