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Courses in Risk Innovation

Innovation is essential for your organization’s success and future growth. Be transformed by its endless possibilities for the risk management and insurance industries with this new innovation certification program. After completion, you will have the confidence and skills to introduce innovation culture, process and programs to your organization.


  • Online courses covering:
    • The role of technology in innovation
    • How to introduce an innovation mindset at your organization
    • Using innovation to create growth opportunities
    • Bringing your innovation idea to market
  • User instruction and exploration
  • Practical application of real-time discoveries
  • Knowledge check after each course

Introducing Risk Innovation:

How You'll Benefit


Learn how innovation and technology create industry opportunities


Apply innovation concepts to your role


Brainstorm opportunities with other aspiring innovators

Bring Innovation

Bring innovation culture to your organization

Course Details

Recommended For

  • Risk management and insurance professionals interested in innovation

Course Delivery Options

  • Online self-study modules


Course Level

  • Intermediate



  • The role of technology in innovation 
  • How to introduce an innovation mindset at your company
  • Using innovation to create growth opportunities 
  • Bringing your innovation idea to market 

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RI 201—Emerging Technologies and Risk

Learn how innovation will influence technology as well as disrupt and transform the industry through the digitization of risk management and insurance, data-driven decision making, blockchain and the digital revolution. Suggested study time: 2 hours

RI 202—Establishing Innovation

Innovation expert Guy Fraker gives you the tools to bring innovation to your organization in this four-part video and activity course. Experience a real innovation project in action, learn how to implement your own innovation activities, and join brainstorming discussions. Suggested study time: 3 to 4 hours

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