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Corporate Grades


View Student Online Learning Scores Login Required

Look to see how your employees are progressing with their online learning.


View Student Grade Histories Login Required

Review grades for your employees who are Institute students and/or save a delimited file of grade information to your desktop for loading into your favorite spreadsheet program.


Student Progress Tracker Login Required

Want to know where your employees stand? The Institutes' Student Progress Tracker will show you how their current CPCU and IIA exam credits apply to the CPCU program.


View Exam Statistics Login Required

Review current statistics for Institute exams taken by your employees. These statistics are updated four times per year.


View Program Completers Login Required

To view a list of your employees who have completed a particular program.


View CPCU parts to credit (PTC) Login Required

To view and/or save a delimited file of a list of your employees who have credit for at least one CPCU exam, but have not completed the CPCU program.