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Corporate Customer Center

In today's knowledge-based global economy, sustained learning is the key to maintaining a quality workforce and taking advantage of business opportunities. You can position your organization and your employees for success by partnering with the Institutes.

As a knowledge leader, the Institutes are the industry’s most respected provider of professional development solutions. We offer a wide variety of courses and programs to fill knowledge gaps at any level an in a variety of functional areas. Download our Corporate Solutions brochure to learn how your organization can partner with the Institutes to create customized professional development solutions to meet specific knowledge needs.

Learn how to increase customer satisfaction with The Institutes’ professional development solutions.

Benefits of Being a Corporate Customer

  • Your own credentials to make ordering easy
  • Online access to exam registration and study materials
  • Online access to student grades and exam statistics

Important Study Material Changes

The Institutes Online

With the Institutes Online learning offerings you can deliver professional development conveniently, consistently, and cost-effectively to employees down the hall, across town, or around the world.

Education Fair Planning Kit

This new turn-key kit will help you promote insurance education in your organization.

Student Progress Tracker

Want to know where your employees stand? The Student Progress Tracker (formerly the Web Student Advisor) will show you how their current exam credits apply to the Institutes' programs.

Forty Four Proven Strategies Brochure

Here are 44 specific techniques that successful companies have used to encourage the professional development of their employees.

Regional Sales Executives

Contact the RSE in your area for help in reaching your organizations professional development goals.

Leadership Education

Stand out within your organization and the risk management and property-casualty insurance industry through The Institutes’ Leadership Education. Designed for individuals holding leadership positions or looking to advance their roles within their organizations, the following programs provide training and knowledge specific to your level of experience and area of expertise.

Institutes Approved On-Site Testing Centers

Learn how you can administer full-length and segmented exams at your company location.

Of Interest

Invest in Your People and Their Performance

Learn more about the Institutes' Development Fund.

Note: Access to certain functions may require permission from the head of your Human Resources or Training department. Contact that person for information regarding access.

Proven Knowledge. Powerful Results.

The Institutes' courses and programs are dynamic in nature. To provide industry professionals with the knowledge needed to drive powerful business results, The Institutes continuously review and revise technical content and delivery methods based on current industry needs and practices. Therefore course topics, program requirements, and pricing are subject to change at any time. Our Web site contains the latest course and program information. Customer Service can be reached at or (800) 644-2101.