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Continuing Education Credit and Certificates

Most Institutes programs have been approved for continuing education (CE) credit by state insurance departments. The credits approved vary by state. You can view available CE credits by program and state on the Designation Courses for CE webpage. You may also email our Customer Success Department,, or call them at (800) 644-2101.

If you have valid resident producer/adjuster licensing information listed in our registration system, The Institutes will, upon your successful completion of an Institutes exam, issue a completion certificate and automatically order CE credits if the exam is approved for CE in the state in which you are licensed.

To comply with state requirements for reporting CE, The Institutes will maintain the following approach:

  • We will request that students provide applicable licensing information when creating or updating their initial student record.
  • We will require students to provide their licensing information before taking an approved exam. (You can update your license information by going to the Account Manager.)
  • CE will automatically be reported for approved courses for students whose information is on file at the time of the exam.
  • If a student declines CE, none will be reported.
  • It is the student's responsibility as a licensed producer or adjuster to know his or her state's CE requirements and procedures.

Some states do not grant CE for Institutes exams. This varies by state and changes frequently.

If you need CE credits for license renewal, please verify that your resident license state and number or NPN are in our system. If you are an adjuster who is not required to report CE in your resident state, you can add your nonresident license number(s) or NPN and state(s) to your profile by going to the Account Manager. If you no longer require that CE be ordered for a particular license, please mark any such license(s) as invalid.

Important Note Regarding CE Filing: It is your responsibility to understand the CE reporting requirements of your state(s) and to provide The Institutes with current license information. CE credits will not be reported without current license information on file BEFORE an exam is taken. The Institutes will not be responsible for any late filing fees or charges.