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Captive Insurance Fundamentals

ACSR adCAP 201 Captive Insurance Fundamentals

Learn the fundamental characteristics and benefits of captive insurance from a global perspective that will allow you to:

  • Understand insurance terminology and concepts, including how to form and operate a captive insurer.
  • Confidently explain to current and prospective clients the benefits of a captive insurer as a risk-financing tool.
  • Identify situations in which a captive insurer can meet an insured's specific needs, such as underwriting a unique risk or participating in a multinational insurance program.


  • Captive insurance characteristics
  • Forming a captive insurer
  • Captive insurance as a risk financing tool
  • Operating a captive insurer

Course Level


Suggested Self Study Time

3-4 hours

Study Options

Self-Study Online Learning

Recommended For

  • Agents
  • Brokers
  • Claims professionals
  • Commercial underwriters
  • Reinsurance professionals
  • New employees who work with captives



Captive Insurance Fundamentals

Captive Insurance Fundamentals–CE Filed