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Associate, Customer Service

Associate, Customer Service

Associate, Customer Service (ACS)—In partnership with LOMA, The Institutes are pleased to announce the addition of a new Property-Casualty track to LOMA's ACS designation program.

Meeting or exceeding customer expectations has never been more important than it is now. The marketplace is highly competitive, and a bad customer service experience can cost your organization money.

The Foundations of Customer Service course will teach you how to better manage customer relationships, improve dealings with internal and external customers, and save time and money by knowing what customers expect.

The required Associate in General Insurance (AINS) courses will give you a solid technical insurance foundation, and the elective courses will allow you to tailor the program to best meet your specific career needs.

To earn the ACS designation in the new P-C track, students must complete the following courses:

Required Courses (3)

Elective Courses (Choose 2 of the following)

  • AINS 22 or AINS 23 (whichever was not taken as a required course)
  • IR 201—Insurance Regulation
  • AIT 131—Essentials of Information Technology
  • AIC 33 (or AIC 30)—Claim Handling Practices and Principles
  • AIS 25—Delivering Insurance Services
  • ARe 141—Principles of Reinsurance*
  • ARe 144—Reinsurance Principles and Practices**
  • * No longer offered but satisfies the requirements for ACS.
  • ** May not be combined with ARe 141 for the purposes of earning ACS.

LOMA offers awards for those who excel in their programs. Visit the Education Awards section of LOMA's Web site.

For more information about the ACS designation, please visit LOMA's Web Site,

The Institutes and LOMA also jointly sponsor a life and health track for the Associate in Insurance Accounting and Finance (AIAF) designation.