Collegiate Studies for CPCU

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The Institutes’ Collegiate Studies for CPCU

The Institutes will waive up to two courses within the CPCU program for qualifying students at approved colleges and universities.


Add value to your resume and get a jump start on your career by earning two course waivers towards the prestigious CPCU designation.

To qualify, students must complete their coursework at an approved college or university, and they must have earned a "B" or better as the final grade in the class. Students who earn two CPCU course waivers and complete Ethics and the CPCU Code of Professional Conduct will also earn The Institutes’ Collegiate Studies for CPCU Certificate.

Colleges and Universities

Qualifying colleges need to be accredited and offer a course based on an Institutes textbook that is used in the CPCU program. Colleges and universities are not required to offer an RMI major, minor, track, concentration or emphasis to participate. While college students are limited to waiving two parts of the CPCU Program, colleges and universities can have multiple courses qualified through the program. Waivers will not be granted for coursework completed prior to the college's enrollment in the program. The application that colleges and universities must submit is accessed through the link below.