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Workers Compensation Claim Practices

Workers Compensation Claim Practices
AIC 44
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Understand the loss adjustment process for workers compensation claims.


 AIC 44 Segment A Topics:

  • The workers compensation system
  • Workers compensation and employers liability policy
  • Workers compensation statutes
  • Statutory standards

AIC 44 Segment B Topics:

  • Notice of injury and coverage analysis
  • Investigating coverage and compensability
  • Investigating medical issues

AIC 44 Segment C Topics:

  • Temporary disability and medical benefits
  • Permanent disability benefits
  • Concluding workers compensation claims
  • Subrogation
  • Other workers compensation issues

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Suggested Self-Study Time

4-5 weeks



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Bottom-Line Benefits

Effectively apply strategic concepts to your everyday work.

Understand the impact of your business decisions by utilizing comprehensive knowledge of the loss adjustment process.

Confidently handle complex claims.

Efficiently manage workers compensation claims with an enhanced ability to determine employment status and compensability.

Enhance your professional image.

Set yourself apart as a valuable contributor to your organization’s success by being able to accurately calculate temporary and permanent disability benefits.

"The AIC designation has been a tremendous credential that has opened professional doors for me, while widening my perspective of the world of claims."


Kevin Quinley, CPCU, AIC, ARM, AIM, ARe

Vice President Risk Services

Berkley Life Sciences, LLC

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