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Underwriting Commercial Property

Underwriting Commercial Property
AU 61
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Learn commercial property underwriting techniques.


AU 61 Topics:

  • Introduction to commercial property underwriting
  • Evaluating construction
  • Evaluating occupancy
  • Evaluating protection and external exposures
  • Underwriting fire
  • Underwriting other direct causes of loss
  • Underwriting business income

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Suggested Self-Study Time

4-6 weeks



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Waiver Information

AU 65 provides credit for AU 60 and AU 61.

Bottom-Line Benefits

Effectively apply best practices to your everyday work.
Build a disciplined approach to underwriting commercial property exposures.
Confidently understand the bigger picture.
Set yourself apart as a key contributor to your organization with in-depth knowledge of how to meet an applicant’s needs, while also meeting your organization’s objectives.
Demonstrate your commitment to your customers.
Enhance customer loyalty by utilizing a proven framework for evaluating causes of loss.

"The AU program is truly unique in the industry..."

Craig Andrews, CPCU, ARM, AU, ARe, AMIM, ASLI, AAI
Business Insurance Product Development Manager
State Auto Insurance Companies

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