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Risk Assessment and Treatment

Risk Assessment and Treatment
ARM 55
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Learn how to effectively assess and treat risks.


ARM 55 Segment A Topics:

  • Introduction to Risk Assessment and Treatment
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Physical Property Risk

ARM 55 Segment B Topics:

  • Intellectual Property and Reputation Risk
  • Legal and Regulatory Risk
  • Management Liability and Human Resource Risk

ARM 55 Segment C Topics:

  • Environmental Risk
  • Crime and Cyber Risk
  • Fleet risk
  • Smart Products and Risk Management

Course Level


Suggested Self-Study Time

5-7 weeks


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Bottom-Line Benefits

Effectively apply RMI principles to your everyday work.

Develop your ability to accurately assess and treat organizational risks, including supply chain, cyber, social media, climate change, reputation, and regulatory risks.

Enhance your professional image.

Be more productive with an enhanced ability to apply root cause analysis to your organization’s production and process risks.

Demonstrate your commitment to your career.

Boost your career opportunities with a technical knowledge of business continuity management, and accident and system safety analysis techniques.

"... It’s impossible to gain work experience in a short amount of time; you simply have to put in the time. But with learning the material from ARM’s segmented exams, you can put yourself at an advantage by improving your awareness of key risk concepts and techniques in manageable chunks of time..."


Samit Shah, ARM

Information Management Analyst

Zurich Insurance Company


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