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Managing Business Organizations Today

Managing Business Organizations Today
AIM 45
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Understand how management concepts directly apply to your organization.


This is an online readings-based course intended to expand students’ knowledge of various management-related concepts. There are no textbooks or course guides for AIM 45, but instead, students will select relevant articles that they wish to read from The Institutes’ online database.

Some articles are current, while others may have older publication dates but still cover relevant topics that are either applicable today or can provide valuable lessons learned. At the end of each article, students will answer multiple-choice questions to validate their understanding of the reading and track their progress.

Students have one year to accumulate 150 total points to fulfill the course requirement.

Course Level


Suggested Self-Study Time

5-7 weeks



Get the Tools You Need to Succeed

There are no textbooks or course guides for AIM 45

Bottom-Line Benefits

Enhance your professional image.

Improve your problem solving and critical thinking skills by examining management topics from relevant business publications.

Demonstrate your value to your organization.

Set yourself apart as a dedicated professional by confidently applying real-life business lessons to organizational projects.

Effectively apply best practices to your everyday work.

Enhance your efficiency through your study of contemporary business journals and periodicals.  


“Whether it is the CPCU, AU, AIM or ARM, a high-quality employee continues his or her education. These employees are the ones that get noticed and are at the front of the line for promotions...” 


Diana Van Horn, CPCU, CIC, CRM
Intermountain Regional Vice President
Unigard Insurance

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