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Liability Claim Practices

Liability Claim Practices
AIC 32
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Learn the essentials of handling non-auto liability claims.

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AIC 32 Segment A Topics:

  • Overview of liability claims
  • Legal principles for determining liability
  • Determining liability in premises liability claims

AIC 32 Segment B Topics:

  • Determining liability in products liability claims
  • Investigating liability claims
  • Handling coverage disputes
  • Evaluating liability claims

AIC 32 Segment C Topics:

  • Settling liability claims
  • Managing liability claims litigation

Course Level


Suggested Self-Study Time

5-7 weeks



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Bottom-Line Benefits

Effectively apply liability claim handling techniques.

Make better liability claim decisions by utilizing proven liability claim investigation, evaluation, valuation, and settlement techniques. 

Enhance your professional image.

Confidently process claims with technical knowledge of how to determine coverage and assign value to a claim.

Demonstrate your commitment to your career.

Solidify your dedication to a successful career with a well-rounded background in liability claims.

"The AIC designation has been a tremendous credential that has opened professional doors for me, while widening my perspective of the world of claims."


Kevin Quinley, CPCU, AIC, ARM, AIM, ARe

Vice President Risk Services

Berkley Life Sciences, LLC

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