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Insurer Risk and Capital Management

Insurer Risk and Capital Management
AIAF 115
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Understand the insurer regulatory environment.


  • Introduction to risk management
  • Risk management standards and guidelines
  • Insurer working capital management
  • Insurer regulatory capital
  • Insurer capital structure and allocation
  • Internal audit and control
  • Transferring financial risk

Course Level


Suggested Self-Study Time

7-9 weeks



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Bottom-Line Benefits

Confidently understand the bigger picture.

Increase your value to your organization by understanding enterprise risk management and its role in the changing insurer regulatory landscape.

Demonstrate your commitment to your career.

Gain up-to-date knowledge of insurer regulatory capital requirements and solvency assessment techniques.

Enhance your earning potential.

Better serve your organization with your strong understanding of how an insurer can best manage its risks to enhance shareholder value.

“Those candidates who have taken advantage of the educational programs offered by The Institutes clearly set themselves apart from others...” 


Loren Wims
Chief Operating Officer
Huntleigh McGehee

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