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Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management
ERM 57
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Gain knowledge of risk management and enterprise risk management principles and practices.


ERM 57 Segment A Topics:

  • Introduction to enterprise risk management
  • Enterprise risk management in an organization
  • ERM framework and process
  • Risk oversight

ERM 57 Segment B Topics:

  • Strategic planning and ERM
  • Risk-based performance and process management
  • Internal audit and control
  • Regulation and compliance

ERM 57 Segment C Topics:

  • Risk assessment and treatment
  • Risk modeling
  • Big data analytics
  • Risk-based capital allocation
  • Risk management environment and culture

Course Level


Suggested Self-Study Time

7-9 weeks



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Bottom-Line Benefits

Confidently understand the bigger picture.
Learn how enterprise risk management (ERM) applies across various functions of an organization, including strategic planning, governance and process management.

Demonstrate your commitment to your career.
Stand out from your colleagues with your enhanced ability to assess and treat financial, operational and strategic risks.

Effectively apply strategic concepts to your everyday work.
Take on increased risk management responsibilities with your understanding of how ERM applies throughout all levels of an organization.

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