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Claim Handling Principles and Practices

Claim Handling Principles and Practices
AIC 30
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Learn how to apply claim handling principles and investigation techniques.


AIC 30 Segment A Topics: 

  • The claim function and professional ethics 
  • The claim handling process 
  • Setting case reserves and investigating claims 

AIC 30 Segment B Topics: 

  • Documenting claims 
  • Communicating effectively 
  • Dealing with fraud 

AIC 30 Segment C Topics: 

  • Negotiating claims 
  • Litigating claims 
  • Good faith claim handling 

Course Level


Suggested Self-Study Time

4-5 weeks



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Bottom-Line Benefits

Effectively apply best practices to your everyday work.

Construct a solid foundation in the application of effective claim investigation techniques.

Enhance your effectiveness.

Confidently avoid costly lawsuits by utilizing good-faith claim handling techniques.

Demonstrate your commitment to your customers.

Create customer loyalty with improved communication and strong negotiation skills.

"The AIC designation has been a tremendous credential that has opened professional doors for me, while widening my perspective of the world of claims."


Kevin Quinley, CPCU, AIC, ARM, AIM, ARe

Vice President Risk Services

Berkley Life Sciences, LLC

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