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Business Law for Insurance Professionals

Business Law for Insurance Professionals
CPCU 530
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Now available! CPCU 530 Business Law for Insurance Professionals has been newly updated with must-have content you need on today’s emerging technologies such as data privacy and cyber regulations.

Learn how to apply relevant principles of United States law to the business of insurance and risk management.


  • Understanding Contract Law, Part One
  • Understanding Contract Law, Part Two
  • Applying Contract Law
  • Examining Commercial Law
  • Examining Property Law
  • Evaluating Tort Law, Part One
  • Evaluating Tort Law, Part Two
  • Understanding Agency Law
  • Applying Agency Law
  • Understanding Employment Law
  • Differentiating Business Entities

Course Level


Suggested Self-Study Time

5-7 weeks



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video iconThe CPCU 530 online course and course guide includes video study aids that offer a comprehensive breakdown of key course topics.

Bottom-Line Benefits

Effectively apply principles of contract law.
Make better commercial underwriting decisions by understanding how contracts affect a customer’s insurance coverage.

Confidently mitigate the effects of litigation.
Construct a solid foundation in the application of contract and tort law in order to manage and alleviate the effects of insurance litigation.

Enhance your earning potential.
Generate more income while boosting agency relationships by applying agency law to related insurance applications.


"Getting the CPCU designation was the best move I ever made..."

David S. Hershey, CPCU, ARM
Risk Manager
Sprague Energy/ Lexa International

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