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The Institutes Introduce Knowledge Assessments and Solutions Training Tool

The Institutes, the leading insurance education provider for the risk management and property-casualty industry, have developed a new training solution to help organizations make the most of their training time and budget.

As the only professional development tool proven to save thousands of training hours and thousands of training budget dollars, The Institutes’ Knowledge Assessments and Solutions was created to efficiently reveal, fill and reassess employees’ specific training needs by:

  • Pre-assessing technical knowledge gaps
  • Prescribing just-in-time knowledge solutions to fill only those specific gaps
  • Providing post assessments of the prescribed technical knowledge

Through targeted training, organizations can use this new tool to save valuable training time by focusing on the most-needed training areas, improve performance with customizable educational solutions, and increase their return on investment.

“We’re really excited about the release of our latest training tool, Knowledge Assessments and Solutions,” said Adam Carmichael, CPCU, managing director of assessments at The Institutes. “I think what makes a tool like this so important is the efficiency factor. Knowledge Assessments and Solutions is customizable based on specific business needs and enables targeted training so that thousands of hours and budget dollars are saved and critical employee knowledge gaps are filled.”

The Institutes are always working to help professionals in the industry succeed in their careers through a range of educational offerings and knowledge resources based on the industry’s evolving needs.

To learn more about this customized training tool or to schedule a consultation, visit our website.