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We have improved our exam driver! Please download our new exam demo and try the new features before you take your next exam; you’ll find more information in the Exam Demo tab below.

To help you prepare for your exam, The Institutes have a variety of resources including our How to Prepare for Institutes Exams handbook, study aids, and exam demos. Our Exam Registration booklet provides details on grading, which you can also find outlined in the Grades tab below.

SMART online practice exams help you assess your understanding of the course and prepare you for the credentialing exam. You choose the assignments you want to be tested on or choose a full exam.

New! As of September 20, 2011, SMART practice exams run with any web browser"no software download is needed. All you have to do to is click here to log in to The Institutes′ Account Manager and then enter the unique code on the inside back cover of your course guide. Once you have activated your code, you will be able to access your SMART Online Practice Exam by logging into your Institutes account.

If you activated your SMART Online Practice Exam code before September 12, 2011, and installed the software on your PC, you will continue to have access to your SMART Practice Exams through the installed software. The Institutes will continue supporting the software based version of the SMART Practice Exams until December 31, 2011. Support of the software based SMART Practice Exams will be discontinued after that date.

If you have not yet taken your exam by December 31, 2011, and still need the most up-to-date content of the SMART Online Practice Exam after that date, contact Customer Service to obtain a new code so you can access the new Web-based version of the practice exam.

Have you purchased an AINS, AIC, AU and CPCU course guide? The unique activation code can be found on the inside back cover. Activate your online practice exam access now.

See our list of FAQs for more information about SMART Online Practice Exams

SMART Study Aids are not meant to take the place of the textbook and course guide.

Make the most of your time.
We know your life is busy. And that´s exactly why we developed the comprehensive line of SMART Study Aids. SMART Study Aids are designed to help you learn and retain key information and concepts by supplementing your study of the textbook(s) and course guide. Each SMART Study Aid comes with a variety of materials to help you take advantage of the way you like to learn and to maximize your study time.

SMART Study Aids are available for courses in the Associate in General Insurance (AINS), the Associate in Claims (AIC), the Associate in Commercial Underwriting (AU), and the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) professional designation programs, as well as for the Delivering Insurance Services (AIS 25) course.

With SMART Study Aids, you can use your valuable study time more efficiently and focus your study efforts more effectively. SMART Study Aids come with review notes and flash cards.

Review Notes
Educational objectives form the foundation of all The Institutes’ courses. They describe what you should be able to accomplish when you have completed your course work. Moreover, all questions that make up each exam are directly related to an educational objective. So you must know the educational objectives to succeed. You will not find our exclusive educational objectives in study materials from any other source of study aids; you can get this vital information only from our SMART Study Aids, course guides, and textbooks. The Review Notes are a condensed review of the educational objectives and key points from the text. Reading the Review Notes after reading the text will help you track your review and mastery of the educational objectives.

Flash Cards
Now you can drill yourself on key words and phrases, either alone or with a study partner, friend, or family member. The included binder rings enable you to group the flash cards together for easy use.

Demonstration Examination Software Download

If you have never taken one of The Institutes’ computer administered exams, this exam demo will show you what to expect. This is provided to help you practice with the exam software, so you will feel more comfortable on exam day.

This exam demo download is not related to the SMART online practice exam. To activate a SMART online practice exam or learn more about them, click the Study Aids tab above.

Advance to Installation Instructions

Read This First
This is a demonstration of The Institutes' exam delivery software. It is designed to let you see what it will be like to take an Institutes exam on a computer. This software is not intended to be used as a study aid. Therefore, you will not be able to choose a demonstration exam with questions representing any one course offered by The Institutes.

Benefits of a Demo Exam
The purpose of this software download is to allow you to become familiar with The Institutes’ testing procedures without time pressures or other concerns. Our goal is to help you to perform as well as you possibly can on upcoming exams, and knowing what to expect can help make that possible.

Using the demonstration software may help you in these ways:

  • You can spend as much time as you like reviewing the tutorial that precedes each Institutes exam. The tutorial is designed to help you understand how to proceed through the exam process and use the test-taking tools available to you.
  • You can familiarize yourself with how test questions, cases, and possible reference material can be accessed and displayed.
  • You can practice how to record your answers, change your answers, or mark your answers for later review.
  • You can learn how to monitor both your time remaining in the testing period and your progress through the exam.
  • You can acquaint yourself with the various question formats you will encounter on the examination.

Selecting a Demo Exam
The basic difference in the two demo exams is the style of questions and the manner in which you record your answer. Two kinds of demo exams are provided. The essay demo exam requires you to record your answer in the essay format used for some CPCU exams. Select the essay demo exam to see what taking an essay-style CPCU exam on computer will be like. The objective demo is a multiple-choice examination that requires you to select one correct or best answer from among four choices. This exam format is used for the majority of Institutes exams. Select the objective demo exam if you are studying for one of these exams.

Three Points to Remember:

  1. Actual Institutes exams consist of more questions than appear on either demo exam. Select CPCU essay exams contain twenty-five to forty questions. CPCU objective exams contain sixty to eighty-five questions. A typical Institutes exam for a designation course consists of eighty-five questions. The number of questions in an actual Institutes exam will be displayed when the test is administered. The reference materials presented in the objective demo exam are similar to the reference materials presented during an actual CPCU exam.

  2. The objective demo examination has a one-hour time limit. The essay demo examination has a three-hour time limit. However, actual Institutes exams have various time limits that will be displayed when the test is administered.

  3. The demo exams are intended to make you comfortable with The Institutes’ testing environment. Since questions used on the demos will not appear on actual examinations, it would be inappropriate to use a demo exam as a supplementary study device.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download IEEA from The Institutes' Web site, www.theinstitutes.org. We recommend that you print the following directions before proceeding with downloading the demonstration software.

    This download installation program is 48.1MB in size.

    Internet Explorer browsers
    Before downloading, your Internet Explorer browser will present you with two options: "Save this file to disk" and "Run this file from its current location." Selecting "Run this file from its current location" will automatically run the setup program after the download is complete and save you from running Step 2.* If you choose "Save this file to disk," select a temporary location to store the self-extracting setup program (ieeag6demo.exe) on your hard drive. Remember this location. You will need it for the next step. Select Save, and then go to Step 2 to complete the setup.

    Chrome or FireFox browsers
    Select a temporary location (c:\temp) to store the self-extracting setup program (ieeag6demo.exe) on your hard drive. Remember this location. You will need it for the next step. Select Save, and then go to Step 2 to complete the setup.

    Download Demo Now

  2. Launch the self-extracting program on each PC and complete the installation.

    If you have Internet Explorer and chose to "Save this file to disk," or you use Chrome or FireFox, use Windows Explorer to navigate to the directory where you stored the installation program and double-click on ieeag6demo.exe. If you stored the program in the c:\temp directory, you can select the Start button, select Run", type c:\temp\ieeag6demo.exe, and select OK. Follow the instructions in the setup program. At the end of the installation, the "Initialize application on exit" box is checked. You will need to initialize IEEA before running the demo exams.

  3. Initialize the program.

    You can also initialize the program at any time using Start -> Programs -> IEEAG6DEMO -> Initialize icon.

    If the initialization is successful, you will receive a "Success download" message; if not, you will receive a "Script Failed" message. If successful, then you can launch IEEAG6DEMO and run the demo exams.

How to Run

  1. To run, click Start -> Programs -> IEEAG6DEMO -> IEEAG6 icon.

    Note: When installing the demo software on Windows XP operating systems, make sure the permissions on the working directory (the default location is C:\AICPCU\IEEAG6DEMO) are changed to allow all users to have read/write permission.

  2. Click the radio button for Candidate ID of the demo exam you wish to run. The Candidate ID text box will automatically be filled with the Candidate ID you selected.

  3. Click the Continue button. A confirmation screen will appear.

  4. On the confirmation screen, click the Yes - Start Test button. The demo exam files will start downloading to your PC. This will take a few seconds. After the files have been downloaded, the demo exam will begin.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Please review our FAQs list if you have questions or encounter any problems during this installation process.

To view your current grades, please log in to your account using the Account Manager.

Exam Grading

Computer Exams Computer-administered exams are graded as the exam is completed, unless grading is delayed (see below).
Grading Delays Grading delays may occur when tests are based on new or revised study materials. This most often occurs during the January"March testing window for both computer and paper exams.
Exam Grades For most exams, grades are reported as "P" (Passing) or "N" (Nonpassing). For others, grades are reported as "P" (Passing), "G" (Good), "E" (Excellent), or "N" (Nonpassing). Grades are final and are not subject to appeal. Numerical scores are not released.
Lost Exam If an exam is lost in shipping or accidentally destroyed, no grade can be determined. The Institutes will arrange to re-administer the examination.
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