AAI Test Administrator Forms

Segmented Exam Order Form with Form Fields—AAI and INS
The attached is the AAI Exam Order form used by Ed Reps to order exams and materials

Test Administrator's Affidavit
This form is used by test administrators to verify that exams were administered according to Institute standards and to note any problems encountered. A separate affidavit must be submitted with each set of exam booklets returned.

Test Administrator's Guide
This guide contains all information pertinent to administering an AAI examination. Rules within this guide, especially those regarding exam security, must be followed to maintain the integrity of the examination process.

List of Examinees Form
This form is used by the test administrator to track the number of exams given and returned to the Institutes. The back of the form is used to report general information about the examination and to report any problems encountered or suggestions for improvement in the process. A copy of the form is sent with each exam order.

Testing in Progress Sign
This is a “Quiet Please” sign that can be posted outside the examination room to alert others that a test is being administered.

Exam Information Card
This is for the test administrator to complete and post in front of the classroom if necessary.

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