Study Group Support Program

Course Leader and Sponsor Support (CLASS) Program

The Institutes offer support to course sponsors and course leaders through its Course Leader and Sponsor Support (CLASS) Program. The CLASS Program consists of the following four elements: the Institutes' Public Class List; feedback on class results; complimentary course leader materials; and a course-leader recognition program.

The Public Class List

When course sponsors enter essential class information into the CLASS database, that information automatically appears on the Institutes' Web-based public class list. Students may search for classes by state or Zip-Code, and they can even specify the number of miles they are willing to travel. The public class list provides class and sponsor contact information. If no class is available that meets the student's parameters, the public class list will offer a list of course sponsors and online classes as alternatives. To see how the public class list works, click on the Student Services tab, then Public Classes, and follow the instructions.

Essential Class Information

Getting essential class information into the system is the first step to providing accurate public class information to students. Because the public class list is most useful to students before a class starts, the sooner the complete information is put into the system, the better.

Essential class information consists of the following ten elements in the format shown:

  1. Sponsor Name
  2. Institute Course Number (e.g., INS 22)
  3. Course Leader (by Social Security or other Institute ID number)
  4. Class Location (e.g., The Public Ledger Building, 12th Floor, Classroom 2, 121 Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA)
  5. Class Location Zip-Code (e.g., 19301)
  6. Class Start Date (e.g., 1/12/05)
  7. Class End Date (e.g., 4/13/05)
  8. Target Exam Month (e.g., Apr 2005)
  9. Class Meeting Day (e.g., Wednesday)
  10. Class Meeting Times (e.g., 5:30–7:30 p.m.)

Entering Students

Sponsors will need to enter students using the student's Social Security number or other Institute-issued ID number. Students cannot be entered by name. When the student's number is entered, his or her name will appear on the roster next to the number (if the student has established an account with the Institutes).

In some cases, the word "UNKNOWN" will appear (instead of a student's name) for one of the following reasons:

  • The Social Security or other ID number is incorrect, or
  • The student has not yet established an account with the Institutes.

Students establish accounts when they order materials, register for exams, ask for information, or merely supply information to open the account. A student can call Customer Service ((800) 644-2101) or establish an account online.

If the student's ID number is not corrected, or if the student never establishes an account with the Institutes, his or her name will not appear on the roster. Any list of class results will not include his or her exam grade.

Specific Class Feedback

By logging on to CLASS, approved sponsors can see exactly how well their classes performed compared to national pass ratios. Follow these steps:

  • Log on to our Web site and click on the Corporate Services tab.
  • Click on the Study Group System link in the left navigation column.
  • Click on the Study Group System link on the next page to log in.
  • Select the class for which results are desired.
  • Available results will appear on the roster, which can then be printed.

Sponsors can begin comparing their class results to national averages as soon as one day following the last class and for up to 120 days. As grades are posted, the class pass ratio is automatically updated. The pass ratio on the 120th day following the Class End Date will be used to evaluate course leaders for the CLASS Act Recognition Program.

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