Course Leader Recognition Program

The Course Leader Recognition Program is designed to recognize course leaders whose class grade results meet several criteria, including a pass ratio that is equal to or better than the national pass ratio.

Importance of Course Leader Recognition

The Institutes acknowledge outstanding course leaders: those who have made a long-term commitment and whose results are exemplary.

Most course leaders are full-time insurance and risk management professionals. They share their knowledge with their students to help them learn course material and prepare for Institutes examinations. 

Classes that qualify for the Course Leader Recognition Program must meet the following criteria:

  • The class must be listed in The Institutes' Study Group System.
  • Five or more students must participate in the class.
  • The class pass ratio must be equal to or higher than the national pass ratio for that course during that time period.
  • Forty-five percent of the students enrolled in the class must take the exam in the designated testing window.

Certificates of achievement are sent to outstanding course leaders once a year, according to the following levels:

  • Silver level (5 classes)
  • Gold level (10 classes)
  • Emerald level (15 classes)
  • Platinum level (20 classes)
  • Diamond level (25 classes)
  • Distinguished level (30 or more classes)

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