Complimentary Materials Policy

At the request of a registered course sponsor, the Institutes will provide one complimentary set of study materials including the course guide and textbook(s) to one designated course leader for any sponsored CPCU or IIA class, provided that:

  • The class includes a minimum of five students.
  • The Institutes receive essential class information.
  • The Institutes receive a list of the students in the class by the designated start date for the class.

To be eligible for complimentary course leader materials, sponsors will need to submit essential class information. Complimentary materials cannot be shipped until all information is entered into the Study Group system.

Because complimentary materials are available only for actual classes, sponsors need to enter or provide a list of students enrolled in each class at least seven days before the class starts. Classes with no students will be automatically cancelled. If they are public, they will be removed from the Web-based Public Class List.

Ordering Complimentary Materials

When entering the essential class information, sponsors may click a check box to request that complimentary materials be sent directly to the course leader identified for the class. All complimentary materials must be linked to a specific course leader.

If the course leader has not previously received a complimentary set of materials for the course being taught, the Institutes will send a set to him or her within three business days. If the course leader has already received a complimentary set of materials that apply to the target exam series for the class, we will not send another set of complimentary materials.

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