Tools for Institutes Class Sponsors

Excel Tools for Planning Classes
Click this link to use and/or download an Excel workbook with the following worksheets:

  • Class Budget Worksheet – to determine break even points and financial goals
  • Class Meeting-Date Planner - to determine a series of class meeting dates
  • Class Planning Checklist and Timeline – to identify a series of essential planning milestones and timing suggestions
  • Instructor Compensation

Assignments by Course
Course assignments can be found under the Resource tab for each course in a given Institutes program. Look up program and course information here..

Finding and Compensating Course Leaders
Click this link for a list of suggestions for locating course leaders for your courses.

Finding Classroom Space
Click this link for a list of suggestions for locating classroom space for your courses.

Promoting Classes - Click the following links

Help Students Choose the Right Course - Click the following links

Current Study Materials
Click this link to find a list of current study materials for all of our courses.

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