NEW! Essential Business Skills for Insurance Professionals

Essential Business Skills for the Insurance Professional is a series of six self-study online courses designed for those new to the insurance brokerage industry or those who want to refresh existing skills. Each course is designed to help insurance organizations achieve their strategic goals more efficiently and effectively with a knowledgeable staff.

Why your organization needs this program:
After completing the six courses in this program, your staff will have a solid foundation in practical management, sales and business skills.

Each course in this program was designed to help agencies and brokerages:

  • Gain practical selling skills to turn prospects into customers
  • Develop business-related interpersonal skills to increase customer satisfaction and retention
  • Establish a common business framework that will enhance overall productivity and operational efficiency
  • Acclimate employees to the agent-broker environment
  • Reduce lost time and productivity costs with flexible online delivery
  • Provide a critical professional starting point to help attract and retain talent

Additionally, each course in this series:

  • Contains audio and graphics
  • Tests understanding with quizzes and Knowledge Checks
  • Integrates with your organization's existing Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Earns a certificate of completion, upon successfully finishing the requirements
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Courses may be accessed for 90 days from date of purchase.

Essential Business Skills for Insurance Professionals Courses Include:

1. Overview of the Insurance Industry - 1 Hour

Understanding the key elements of how insurance works, as well as how it benefits society is crucial to having a solid grasp of insurance industry fundamentals. By completing this course, you'll gain confidence in your knowledge and understanding of essential insurance concepts and you'll know how to apply them to your everyday work.

2. Fundamental Business Skills - 1 Hour

Success in any business requires mastery of fundamental business skills. This course covers basic finance, business etiquette, teamwork standards, and time management. Completers of this course will gain a competitive edge by combining these bedrock skills with effective interpersonal communications and emotional intelligence.

3. Building Client Relationships - 1 Hour

Every lasting business relationship depends on a successful personal relationship. By completing this course, you will learn the interpersonal skills that help you establish productive business relationships. You'll discover how to manage projects and how to identify and handle the needs of your clients.

4. Consultative Selling - 2 Hours

Successful selling involves more than persuading others about the merits of your product. In this course, you will discover the dynamics of how clients make buying decisions. You will learn to provide solutions that help turn prospects into clients. This course provides specific strategies for problem solving, negotiation, and closing the sale.

5. Management Training - 2 Hours

Few of us become effective managers without a road map. By completing this course, you'll learn the basics of employment law, performance management, and coaching. You'll develop the interpersonal skills and the perspective to help you deliver on organizational expectations.

6. Follow-Up Coaching - 1 Hour

Maximize the benefits of employee training by helping managers understand how to develop their employees. By completing this course, managers and prospective managers will see the fundamentals of performance management in action. Skills include the establishment of development goals, coaching methods that facilitate learning, and techniques to improve employee retention and engagement.

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