Reinsurance Operations

Billions of dollars of insurance are reinsured annually to increase the stability of the insurance marketplace. How? Just as an individual or family transfers the risk of loss to an insurer, insurers transfer risk to reinsurers. Why go through all that trouble to write insurance only to transfer it to another entity? Reinsurance Operations is designed to answer these questions and more. The end result is a solid foundation in understanding reinsurance and how it serves to make insurers and the industry more secure.

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Why you need this course:
After completing this course, you'll have a solid understanding of how insurers can use reinsurance to achieve their operational and financial objectives.

Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe reinsurance and its principal functions.
  • Describe the three sources of reinsurance.
  • Describe treaty reinsurance and facultative reinsurance.
  • Describe the types of pro rata reinsurance and excess of loss reinsurance and their uses.
  • Describe finite risk reinsurance and other methods that rely on capital markets as alternatives to traditional and nontraditional reinsurance.
  • Describe the factors that should be considered in the design of a reinsurance program.
  • Given a case, identity the reinsurance needs of an insurer and recommend an appropriate reinsurance program to address those needs.
  • Explain how reinsurance is regulated.

Cost: $20 per Professional Development Hour (PDH). Information on PDHs provided can be found here.

Reinsurance Operations Topics Include:

  • Reinsurance and its functions
  • Reinsurance sources
  • Reinsurance transactions
  • Types of reinsurance
  • Alternatives to traditional reinsurance
  • Reinsurance program design
  • Case studies in reinsurance program design
  • Reinsurance regulation
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