IFD: Measuring Insurance Industry and Company Performance

As an interactive learning tool, Insurance Financial Dynamics teaches the Educational Objectives of each module by using hands-on, real-life scenarios.

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Level: Intermediate

Why you need this course:
After completing this course, you'll be able to determine how financial trends of both an insurer and the overall industry impact business decisions.

Upon successful completion of this course, you should be able to:

  • Explain the relationship among insurance cycles, capacity and rates
  • Understand insurer capacity and how it affects coverage
  • Summarize insurance financial performance measures and their uses
  • Discuss and analyze insurer financial trends

Cost: $120 per course or purchase all three Insurance Financial Dynamics courses at once for $300 and save!

The Measuring Insurance Industry and Company Performance course is broken down into the following learning modules:

The Scenario (How You'll Learn):

Your Goal (What You'll Learn):

As a manager in an insurance company, you are asked to analyze your company's financial results using financial statements and appropriate ratios and compare them to the results of your largest competitor.

Learn how to evaluate the results compared to the stated plan to assess how well the company performed last year.

The chief financial officer asks you to evaluate trends for your company's ability to write new business, liquidity, and underwriting profits compared with industry benchmarks.

Using financial reports, evaluate a company's trends in performance over the last five years.

You must analyze an account with a potentially very large loss exposure and make recommendations while considering the insurer's capacity and large line capacity.

Learn how to determine if an insurer has the capacity to provide insurance coverage to a client.

A client wants to know why rates have increased despite declines in losses. You must explain the effect of hard markets and insurance cycles to the client.

Confidently explain to your largest client why his/her insurance rates have doubled over the last two years even though his/her company has suffered below average losses.

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