Insurance Financial Dynamics (IFD)

Designed for insurance professionals (including managers and other operational decision-makers in areas other than finance), each highly interactive application-based online segment walks the learner through a series of business issues that most professionals commonly face. Insurance Financial Dynamics doesn’t simply tell you what to do—this interactive learning tool presents a problem, teaches you how to analyze the situation, and then shows the impact of your decisions.

What Your People Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Every individual management decision impacts your financial bottom-line. And in the midst of today’s turbulent economy, every decision counts. But do the people who make business decisions in your organization fully understand this? You might be surprised at the answer.

We surveyed dozens of top insurance executives and they told us that many line and non-financial managers, and other operational decision-makers do not fully understand the bottom-line impacts of their daily decisions. Those same executives then told us what decision-makers in any organization need to know about insurance finance. And the Institutes responded to this industry demand with the Insurance Financial Dynamics course.

The initial release of the Insurance Financial Dynamics course is broken out into three segments:

Bottom-Line Benefits

  • Strengthen organizational performance by demonstrating how individual business decisions impact the organization’s financial performance
  • Build manager confidence in problem solving as it relates to financial decisions
  • Increase efficiency through a common understanding of financial concepts and terminology
  • Improve alignment of personal performance goals and organizational strategy by learning insurer performance metrics and their uses

Unique Course Features

  • The Institutes’ detailed and practical technical insurance-specific content
  • Problem scenarios that require learners to read, analyze, and apply, which increases retention and understanding
  • Problem-solving architecture that guides the learner through the decision-making process and shows consequences of different choices
  • A "virtual mentor" who answers questions and provides feedback on responses and course progress
  • Scenarios that unfold via simulated "real life" interactions, like phone calls and e-mails
  • Hours of supplemental learning material, which allows learners to drill down and learn more about specific topics
Segments feature spoken-word content; audio capability required.

$120 per segment or purchase all three Insurance Financial Dynamics segments at once for $300 and save!

Information on Professional Development Hours (PDH) provided can be found here.
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Available Insurance Financial Dynamics Segments

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