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Insurance Principles

Insurance fills a wide range of roles as a financial institution that transfers the costs of losses. To effectively service the insurance needs of your clients and employer, you need a thorough grounding in the principles of insurance—what it is and how it works. After completing the Insurance Principles courses, you´ll have a basic understanding of the many different aspects of insurance to better serve your clients and employer.

Available Insurance Principles courses are listed below. Click each course name for information and a list of topics covered. For your convenience, you can take one, a few, or all of these courses. The choice is yours!

Insurance Overview
Topics covered in this course include the role of insurance in risk management, how insurance works as a transfer system, and more

Insurance Providers
Topics covered in this course include various types of private insurers that provide property-casualty insurance, federal insurance programs, and more.

Insurance Regulation
Topics covered in this course include the purpose of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), objectives of rate regulation, and more.

Insurer Financial Performance
Topics covered in this course include the sources of income for a property-casualty insurer, types of property-casualty insurer expenses, and more.

Topics covered in this course include insurance agent authority, various types of insurance marketing systems and alternative distribution channels, and more.

Insurance Contracts
Topics covered in this course include the four elements of any valid contract, the special characteristics of insurance contracts, and more.

Topics covered in this course include activities in the claim handling process, special considerations for catastrophe claims, and more.

Liability Loss Exposures and Insurance
Topics covered in this course include the four elements of negligence, circumstances that create liability loss exposures, and more.

Property Loss Exposures and Insurance
Topics covered in this course include the financial consequences of property losses, why policies usually exclude some causes of loss, and more.

Risk Management
Topics covered in this course include the six steps in the risk management process, three primary methods of identifying loss exposures, and more.

Topics covered in this course include the responsibilities of underwriting management, the steps in the underwriting process, and more.

We Recommend These Courses for: People in all functional areas of property-casualty insurance, managers or supervisors new to the industry, customer service representatives, call center staff, and administrative and support staff.

Bottom-Line Benefits

  • Increase ability to apply insurance principles to everyday responsibilities
  • Improve ability to understand client needs with a solid understanding of various aspects of the insurance industry

Level: Beginner

Cost: $20 per Professional Development Hour (PDH). Information on PDHs provided can be found here.

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