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Why you need this course:
Because claim professionals fulfill the promise made in the insurance contract, the way in which they handle claims can have a substantial impact, not only on the well-being of the policyholder but also on the reputation of the insurer. This course provides a framework for claim professionals to develop a strong foundation in claim handling and management as well as to learn about the skills needed to investigate, evaluate, and reserve assigned claims in accordance with established regulatory and company guidelines.

Upon successful completion of all seven modules in this course, you should be able to:

  • Describe the role performed by each of the following in the claim handling process:
    • Staff claim representatives (inside and outside)  
    • Independent adjusters  
    • Producers  
    • Public adjusters  

  • Describe the activities in the claim handling process.
  • Describe how the claim handling process applies to property insurance claims.
  • Describe how the claim handling process applies to liability insurance claims.
  • Describe the special considerations for catastrophe claims.
  • Describe the claim representative's role in establishing an insurer's loss reserves.
  • Describe the practices prohibited by unfair claim practices laws.  

We recommend that you study the modules in the order presented in the course.

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