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Make the most of your time. We know your life is busy. And thatís exactly why we developed the comprehensive line of SMART Study Aids to maximize your study time. SMART Study Aids are designed to help you learn and retain key information and concepts by supplementing your study of the textbook(s) and course guide.

SMART Online Practice Exams

Have you purchased a course guide for any of the programs below? The unique activation code can be found on the inside back cover.

The questions simulate the ones youíll encounter on the official credentialing exam. You can use the practice exam to test your comprehension of specific assignments or the entire course.

CPCU, AINS, AIS 25, AIC, ARM, ERM 57, AU, AAI, ARe 143, Intro to Claims, Intro to Property and Casualty Insurance

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SMART Quiz Me Apps

Using the questions from the SMART Online Practice Exams our SMART QuizMe App lets you take your studies with you wherever you go! Download the SMART QuizMe App for iPhone, iPad, iTouch, and Android devices.

Available on iTunes (AIC, AINS, ARM, AU, CPCU, Intro to Claims)

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Available on Google Play (CPCU)

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SMART Study Aids

SMART Review Notes and Flash Cards are available for the same courses as the SMART Practice Exams listed above.

SMART Review Notes are a condensed review of the educational objectives and the key points from the text. Reading the Review Notes after reading the text will help you track your review and mastery of the educational objectives.

SMART Flash Cards allow you to test your knowledge on key words and phrases. The included binder rings let you group the cards together for easy use.

Note: SMART Study Aids are not meant to take the place of the textbook and course guide.

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