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In this fast-paced and ever-changing industry, you can't afford to have gaps in your technical knowledge—or the consequent gaps in your performance. The Institutes' online learning gives you timely and easy access to technical insurance knowledge that will help you be more productive and perform at a higher level.

All Institutes Online learning modules

  • Contain the Institutes’ trusted accurate and performance-enhancing technical insurance content.
  • Deliver learning in smaller, more manageable pieces.
  • Can be studied in just a matter of hours.
  • Offer trusted Institute content without having to commit to a full designation program.

In addition

  • Each learning module is broken down into smaller, individual easy-to-study modules called learning objects.
  • Each learning module focuses on a clear and concise educational objective that explains what you should know and understand by the end.
  • Quizzes show you how well you understand the material.
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  Insurance Essentials -Online Course w/Exam (OL)$80.00YN/A 
  INTRO to Property-Casualty Insurance - Full Self-Study Online Course (No Instructor) with Practice Exams$100.00YN/A 
  Business Acumen - Insurer Financial Performance (OL)$40.00YN/A 
  Liability Loss Exposures & Insurance Overview (OL)$20.00YN/A 
  Ethics and Professionalism (OL)$20.00YN/A 
  Good-Faith Claim Handling (OL)$40.00YN/A 
  Insurance Fraud (OL)$20.00YN/A 
  Investigation - Cause of Loss, Liability, and Damages (OL)$60.00YN/A 
  Financial Ratios (OL)$40.00YN/A 
  Financial Statements (OL)$60.00YN/A 
  Insurance Cycles (OL)$40.00YN/A 
  Personal Auto Insurance Policy (OL)$100.00YN/A 
  Workers Compensation & Employers Liability Insurance (OL)$40.00YN/A 
  Commercial Auto Insurance (OL)$80.00YN/A 

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