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All the information you need to locate a testing center, exam fees, and schedules appears below. For full exam details and policies, please read The Institutes’ Exam Registration booklet.

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Important note--the following policy will be effective January 1, 2012: Before rescheduling an appointment within the same testing window, please note Prometric will charge a $50 fee to students who reschedule their appointments within 3 to 12 business days of the original test date. Business days are defined as Monday-Friday, excluding holidays observed by Prometric.

Exam Fee and Date Information

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Institutes Approved On-Site Testing Centers

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Become an on-site testing location for Institutes' exams

Prometric Testing Centers

To find a Prometric Testing Center near you, please visit Prometric's Web site. Please note that Prometric Testing Centers may use a biometric scan to check examinees in for their exam appointments. Visit Prometric's Web site for details.

Select Exams Offered via Paper-and-Pen

  • A few select exams are not only administered by computer during The Institutes' four two-month testing windows, but can also be administered on paper at any time at your organization.
  • Complete registration information and sample questions are included with course guides.
  • You can take an exam via computer during a testing window at either an Institutes-Approved On-Site Testing Center or a Prometric Testing Center. Exam fees are higher at Prometric Testing Centers.
  • A course leader, supervisor, or human resources department staff member can administer a paper-and-pen exam at your location at any time.

2014 Paper-and-Pen Exam Fees

Domestic International
n/a $450 CPCU
n/a $340 AINS
n/a $485 ERM
$165 $340 Introduction to - Property & Casualty; Claims; Underwriting; Risk Management
$165 $340 AIS 25, SM 18/19, RMPE 352

Test Administrator Information

Who can be my test administrator?

  • CPCU designee
  • Human resources or education department personnel
  • Local course sponsors - view the Public Class list
  • Office manager
  • A member in a CPCU Society chapter - NAIW, IIA&B, IIABA, etc.
  • A person in a supervisory position to the student
  • Librarian at a local library
  • Personnel at a local school - guidance counselor, professor, teacher
  • Clergy

Note: A test administrator cannot be a co-worker, a relative, a friend, or an acquaintance. Test administrators will not be compensated for proctoring the exam or reimbursed for postage to return examination materials.

  • Test Administrator Guide
    The Test Administrator Guide contains all the information needed in order to administer an Institutes examination. All new test administrators must review this document before administering the exam.
  • Test Administrator Affidavit
    This document must be signed by the test administrator and returned to The Institutes with examination materials.
  • Testing in Progress Sign
    This sign is used to post outside the testing area.

International Exam Information

International students can take their exams at one of these venues:

  • Institutes-Approved On-Site Testing Center
  • Prometric Testing Center
  • Paper-and-Pen Testing Center (available only to students whose employer is unable to sponsor an Institutes-Approved On-Site Testing Center or for whom a Prometric Testing Center is not available.)

Institutes' exams can be taken during the following testing windows:

  • January 15–March 15
  • April 15–June 15
  • July 15–September 15
  • October 15–December 15

You may take the same exam no more than two times in a given testing window, with a maximum of four times per calendar year. For complete information on exam policies and procedures, download our Exam Registration Booklet.

Institutes-Approved On-Site Testing Center Information

  • The On-Site reduced exam fees shown below apply at all Institutes-Approved On-Site Testing Centers worldwide.
  • On-site centers are typically sponsored by employers or insurance-related educational organizations. To see whether you qualify for these reduced fees, contact your organization's education/training coordinator.

Prometric Testing Center Information

  • The Prometric exam fees shown below apply at all Prometric Testing Centers worldwide.
  • The Prometric - Early fee is available on or before the first day of the testing window for which an examinee is registering.
  • No exam registrations will be accepted after the 10th of the month in which the testing window closes.
  • Prometric will charge a $50 fee to examinees who reschedule their appointments within 3 to 12 business days (Monday thru Friday, excluding holidays) of the original test date.

2014 International Full Exam Fees

Institutes-Approved Prometric
$230 $255 $325 CPCU
$115 $140 $205 AINS
$165 $190 $255 API, AIC, ARM, AU, AIT, ARe, SPPA, WCCA, WCCP
$230 $285 $350 ERM
$40 $140 $205 Introduction to - Property & Casualty; Claims; Underwriting; Risk Management
$55 n/a n/a ACSR
$65 $140 $205 SM 18/19, RMPE 352
$85 $140 $205 AIS 25
n/a $305 $305 CAS

2014 International Segmented Exam Fees

Institutes-Approved Prometric
$55 $90 $140 AINS 21, 22, 23, 24 (A, B, C)
$70 $110 $160 AIC 30, 31, 32, 38, 39, 44 (A, B, C)
$70 $115 $165 ARM 54, 55, 56 (A, B, C)
$90 $130 $180 AAI 81, 82, 83 (A, B, C)
$100 $130 $180 AIC 37, 41, 43 (A, B)
$100 $130 $180 SPPA 30 & API 28,29 (A,B)
$110 $150 $200 ERM 57 (A, B, C)
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(610) 644-2100 (Outside the U.S. and Canada)
Fax: (610) 640-9576
Mail: The Institutes
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Malvern, PA 19355-3433
Customer Service hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

The Institutes' courses and programs are dynamic in nature. To provide industry professionals with the knowledge needed to drive powerful business results, The Institutes continuously review and revise technical content and delivery methods based on current industry needs and practices. Therefore course topics, program requirements, and pricing are subject to change at any time. Our Web site contains the latest course and program information. Customer Service can be reached at or (800) 644-2101.

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